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Welcome to the Community Planning in Scotland website


This website provides information on support available to Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs), Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs), and other community partners who are working to improve outcomes for individuals and local communities across Scotland.


On the website, you will find links to online tools and information provided by national improvement agencies and specialist organisations, as well as the contact details of who to speak to, if you would like to access tailored support.


The website also offers a coordinate responses to online requests from across national improvement agencies for those who are unsure of who is best placed to provide the type of support required. This information will be updated by each of the national improvement agencies on a regular basis to reflect developments in the support available.


National improvement agencies are increasingly exploring opportunities for joint working that ensures the widest range of improvement resources are locally accessible on an integrated basis.  We will continue to join-up offers of support where it makes sense to do so and share details of these on the website.

If you cannot find the support that you are looking for, or you have a request for tailored support, or you are not sure which national improvement agency is best placed to provide the support, please complete this form.

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If you are aware of other resources or support available to CPPs, HSCPs or other community partners, please click on the button below and help us by filling in the new resource form.

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The Community Planning in Scotland site will close on 30 June 2021.


The content is no longer being updated and is provided for information only.

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