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This Improvement Service programme is actively supporting developing closer links between Community and Spatial Planning to achieve better places and outcomes.


Linking Community and Spatial Planning

Education Scotland led on a collaborative project commissioned by the National Strategic Scrutiny Group to devise and assess a potential methodology for the evaluation and scrutiny of how well community planning is operating at a local level, with a particular focus on the four pillars of public service reform.  This was Project 4 of the Strategic Scrutiny Group work plan for 2014/15) and the outcomes of the project were shared with the Group  in April 2015.


The Place-based scrutiny pilot focussed on two key questions:


  • What is it like to live in this locality?
  • How well are services collaborating to improve outcomes for local people?


and a subsidiary question:

  • Is our collective activity tackling /addressing inequalities?


The locality profile provided by the CPP contained a wealth of evidence upon which to develop the process.  ACORN segmentation presented a helpful way of looking at identified priority communities and their needs.


Place-based scrutiny pilot

The Improvement Service has published an overview of place-based working in Scotland, which captures current place-based activities within 27 local authority areas and includes a synthesis of published materials on the subject.


Whilst there is evidence of a wide variety of approaches being undertaken, the research also highlights a range of common principles that feature across most areas.


The report includes a practical checklist that summarises key issues that partnerships may wish to consider, either when embarking upon a new place-based initiative or when reviewing existing activities.  The Improvement Support can offer facilitation support to partnerships as they work through the Checklist.


Over the next few months the Improvement Service will also work with colleagues involved in delivering place-based approaches to establish a physical and virtual place-based learning network.


Improvement Service website, report

'Place-based approaches to joint planning, resourcing and delivery' at:


Dot McLaughlin

Programme Manager, Organisational Development

Improvement Service


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Place-based research

The Place Standard is an assessment tool to support communities, the public sector and the private sector to work together to improve outcomes through action or place.


Place Standard website


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Place Standard tool

Health inequalities briefing focusing on the role that good quality places can play in improving health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities. It assumes that action in relation to place and communities is complemented by access to good quality, affordable housing for all.


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